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Ofsted say that Behaviour and Personal Development are OUTSTANDING!

Ofsted came a calling just before Christmas and they were impressed with what they saw. We were judged to be GOOD overall with both Personal Development and Behaviour being deemed to be OUTSTANDING.

This is what Ofsted said it is like to be a learner at Bosco:

Students and staff work harmoniously to create a purposeful community of learning, where, together, they model calm and respectful behaviour. Staff celebrate students’ achievements with praise, celebration events and postcards home. As a result, students feel a strong sense of belonging.


Students enthusiastically take part in social action projects in the local community. For example, they hugely enjoy hosting local senior citizens at the centre’s annual Christmas lunch. Through these community activities, young people gain confidence, self-worth and a sense of social responsibility.


Students experience the world of work through a wealth of opportunities. Leaders and managers work closely with employers and community groups to arrange work experience for all students. For example, students with high needs who aspire to careers in hospitality work on the Boscoffee mobile wagon at a large local festival.


They gain important customer service skills from working in a busy, unfamiliar environment.


Students enjoy their lessons and are happy with the education and pastoral care they receive. Caring, well-qualified staff encourage students to overcome difficulties, and students respond well by working hard towards their goals. A large majority of students pass their vocational and mathematics and/or English qualifications. Staff provide students with good careers advice and guidance. As a result, students have a good range of choices about their next steps, and the vast majority move on to work or further study.


Students feel safe in all areas of the centre. They do not hear discriminatory or other language that makes them feel unsafe or uncomfortable. They feel confident that staff and their peers will support them if they have any concerns.


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