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Helping you build your skills to get a career

We have been working with young people for over 20 years to help them get a career. Our students are encouraged and supported to build themselves a career, despite any personal challenges they may have.

We look at where you are now and where you want to be when you leave us. If you’re between 16-19, call us for a chat about what we can do to help you achieve your goals. We’ll help you choose the right pathway for you and provide the space for you to achieve your goals, giving you the freedom to learn at your own pace but also helping build self-discipline.

Throughout your time here, you will receive support and advice along with a challenging, structured environment from people who care.

Let us show you around



We provide a selection of courses tailored to your needs.  They provide the skills and qualifications for giving you the best chance in your chosen career.




These policies are our promise to you to deliver a safe and welcoming environment that you can thrive in.
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