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A new approach to level 3 learning

Are you looking for a level 3 course but are worried about how you would cope in a large college, or how you would access the type of support you have been given at school? If so come and have a chat with us at Bosco.


We do level 3 differently, come and find out how we can help you reach your goals.

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A new approach to level 3 learning

When you sign up for sixth form or college, you are normally expected to commit to a two-year programme. In the first few weeks, you may have some flexibility to change courses, but this is often restricted by availability or specific entry requirements.


Bosco is very different. We offer a unique route to higher education for young people, especially those who experience additional barriers to learning. If you achieve English and maths at grade 4 and a couple of other GCSEs at grades 4-6, talk to Bosco about our modular approach to level 3 learning. Over two or three years you can build up a portfolio of qualifications that meet the entry requirements of many universities.


A-level programmes are assessed at the end of two years and offer little flexibility if you struggle with a particular course. We are different. You choose a combination of level 3 courses in year 1, most of which have assessment points during the year. These are normally Cambridge Technical certificates, but we offer a limited range of AS levels. At the year's end, you can extend the certificates, take longer to complete the qualifications or choose entirely different subjects. As you progress, you will build a portfolio of qualifications that will count towards university entrance or a higher-level apprenticeship. 

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