Three Way Commitment

The Employer’s Responsibility


• To offer a contract of employment to the apprentice, which should include, working hours, expectations, salary, contractual holidays, discipline and complaint’s procedures and anything else the employer sees as appropriate.
• To ensure health and safety instruction and guidance according to partnership agreements.
• To give a job description with explanations to the young person, and to instruct and train the young person in their role within the organisation.
• To encourage the young person to use completed work as evidence and to record this for their portfolio. To make reports and take part in reviews with the assessor and learner on the premises.
• To encourage the young person to take all opportunities offered for their progress within the organsiation and within their college days.
• To liaise with Bosco concerning and difficulties that the apprentice may be having, or the organisation may be having, in accomodating the partnership.

The Apprentice’s Responsibility​​

• To attend, to be on time, to be enthusiastic, to want to learn, to give respect to all staff, to listen attentively to their line manager and supervisor’s instructions, advice and guidance.
• To take part in the review process by reflecting on work and commitment, on progress through their qualification and targets set, to keep their employers aware of their progress towards their targets.
• To take part in any courses set by the employer as well as the college, and to keep records and evidence of completed work towards their portfolio of evidence.
• To behave in a safe and responsible manner at all times and in keeping with Health and Safety legislation relating to the individual’s responsibilities.
• To always act in the employer’s best interests and give their best to the employer and apprenitceship programme. 


Bosco’s Responsibility


• To check that the contents of the Apprenticeship Plan fulfil the national and industry/sector agreed criteria for apprenticeships.
• To ensure that the training meets the requirements set out in the contract between the Training Provider and the Young People’s Learning Agency and SFA in particular in relation to the Quality Assurance process including Health and Safety obligations.


If the Employer is unable to complete the Apprenticeship, then Bosco will try to ensure that the Apprentice is offered the opportunity to transfer to another organisation who will be able to provide an Apprenticeship Plan substantially similar to the existing Apprenticeship Plan.
This Learning Agreement does not replace a Contract of Employment between the Employer and the Learner (as applicable)