The Diamond Course

What will you be learning?


The Diamond Course offers you the chance to get the  skills required by all jobs.

Our Functional Skills  English, Maths and ICT qualifications provide you with a good standard of English and Maths (required by all employers).  The GCSE courses in these subjects also give you the qualifications for advanced apprenticeships.  We also provide a Personal Development course which helps you develop the essential relationship skills you need in the workplace.

The Diamond course/Study Programme has a hands-on element as well as you add a choice of career courses in Administration ( office work),  ITQ ( Computing), Childcare (nursery and nannying work), Sport, Retail (all kinds of work in buying selling and ordering) and Youth Work (different ways of working with young people in different settings).

You get the chance to select which course you’d like to try.  The courses are set at Level 1, 2 and 3   (which is equivalent to A-Levels but in a career area), so you come away with relevant qualifications which you can use to get work or progress onto a higher level of study.

The Diamond course allows you to study your career subject, without doing an apprenticeship at a higher level (Level 2 and 3) and this may be your choice as you may feel that you do not want to take up an apprenticeship, but study full time at college instead.


We have a great flexibility around learning and through discussions with our Careers Advisor, you can be supported in your decision and choices.


Start date: Rolling Programme - any time 
Duration: Flexible
How is it delivered? Full-time
Availability: Current and continuing
Time Slot: Daytime 
Hours: Monday-Friday 9.00am – 3.15pm.

Who can do it?

Age range: 16 - 19.
Entry Requirements: None except a willingness to learn and good motivation to progress onto the next stage.

What will you be working towards?

The Diamond course is a programme that provides students with foundation qualifications and work tasters, prepares them for apprenticeships, progessing to a higher level of study at College, or helping them enter the job market.

You will be expected to undertake learning in three interdependent core areas: functional akills /GCSE , vocational subjects, and personal/ social development and employability 

The Diamond Course is based on the learning needs of each individual. You may need relatively short periods of time to prepare for entry to an Apprenticeship, employment, or further vocational learning opportunities. If you have more complex personal and social needs you may require longer periods in preparation for Apprenticeships  training and employment.

Career courses help you understand the job you are looking at taking on and provide you with invaluable experience to see if it would suit you as a career. The career courses are:

• Administration - Level 1 certificate gained which can lead on to further studies at Level 2 (see apprenticeships) and Level 3 ADvanced 
• ITQ - Level 1 certificate gained which can lead on to studies at Level 2 (see apprenticeships) and level3 advanced 
• Childcare - as above - (see apprenticeships)
• Retail and customer service -as above 
• Sport - only at Level 1 and level2 at this point
• Youth Work - Level 1 certificate which can lead to a Level 2 and 3 study and apprenticeships and advanced apprenticeships 

What happens when you have finished?

You could go on to do an apprenticeship or a higher qualification at Bosco College or you may go to another college or learning provider. You could also move into a job related to the vocational subject you chose as part of the Diamond course.