Sister Cecily Dunn, FMA

Sister Cecily, the college director, worked at the Bosco Centre for over 30 years as part of the Salesian Sisters, a Catholic order following the principles of St Don Bosco (a 19th century priest who dedicated his life to improving the lot of disadvantaged children in Italy).


She always worked with deprived children. She even took in three children for two years after their mum died. The phrase she always used was: ‘You are young, you are precious, you are loved.” This phrase is written on the walls of the Bosco Centre nursery.

Sister Cecily loved this place, even though there were teenagers stomping around making noise. She loved them and she loved Bermondsey. She was inspiring.

The Bosco Centre is determined to do Sister Cecily’s memory justice. Sister’s legacy is now our responsibility and we will carry on her Salesian ethos and way of working for the good of all young people.

Thank you to the Southwark News for this nice article about Sister Cecily.


07/08/1940 - 24/05/2016
An interview with Sister Cecily