To the Employer,

What can we offer you?

Bosco’s Way

We are different! We are a charity, we are small and want to stay that way. "Small is beautiful.”  It allows us to really know our learners, to be totally committed to upskilling our young workforce, not just in qualifications (although these are an important part of their maturing) but we also target the other skills that you are looking for, such as the skills that will make them a valued member of your team… You say you want enthusiastic, well motivated young people, who turn up for work every day and are punctual, who want to learn, who respect and value their line manager’s time and energy in helping them train and who value your organisation...that is what we are about! BUT, we need you, the employers, to work with us in offering places for young people to work with you and learn from you, to be of value to you in the coming months and years ahead so that you really value them as your best trained team members and good staff members!

Our commitment to support you and the apprentice

If you take on an apprentice in your organisation in fields of our apprenticeships (Childcare, Youthwork, Administration/Office Work/Reception Work, Computing) and if there is an area you are interested in we will try to support you there.  We will give you every possible support you ask for, in helping them progress. We will visit you as aften as you feel is necessary for them, we will incorporate (as far as humanly possible) suggestions you make for their progression, and we will work with you in partnership to ensure the young person gives their best and receives all the support we can offer that is needed for them to become a positive addition to your workforce.