How to Download Microsoft teams

How to download Microsoft Teams


1. Click the Download Teams logo to be taken to the Microsoft Teams download page.

2, Then click Download teams on the Microsoft Teams website.

3, A pop up should appear at the bottom of the screen For google chrome a bar should appear click the icon shown of the image below.


if you are using another browser it may look different a box will pop up saying Run, Save or cancel click run like shown in the image below.

How to download.png

Microsoft teams will then install on your computer, It will then ask you to log in using your Bosco office 365 account (




































You are now ready to use Microsoft teams, If you need more information on how to use Microsoft teams please continue down the page to the how to use Microsoft teams section by clicking the button below.

image 2.png

If you have forgotten your password please contact the It support team at 07725834621 or email

Microsoft Teams also has a mobile app just search Microsoft teams in the app store