How to Turn on notifications

How to turn on notifications in teams


1, The first thing you want to do is to go onto the group you would like notifications to be on for.

2, Then Click the three dots on the general tab like shown below.





3, Then click "Channel notifications" 

4, you will then see two options "All new posts" and "Channel mentions" make sure both of these options are set too "Banner and feed" and clicking save


You will now receive a message from teams when a new post is made in that group

How to turn on Notifications on Mobile

First, make sure you have app notifications turned on by clicking the three lines in the top left and making sure Notifications are turned on as shown in the picture below


Then, go onto the group you want to be Notified about clicking the little arrow next to it and clicking the General tab


Next just click the little bell icon in the top right corner and then click "All messages in this channel".