Your commitment as the employer 

and partner with Bosco

Before committing to taking on a young person from Bosco on either a work placement, or an apprenticeship, we ask you the employer, to think about the commitment you will be making.

• It means using our expertise to train the apprentice on a daily basis
• Your support for one who is learning
• We are sure your Good health and safety procedures will be in place
 You will encourage the young person to attend their “off -the -job training” days at college,
 Will want to liaise with us if there are any difficulties  with the apprentice  in  any way and how we cabn both work for the best results

Contractual Controls


The controls we would wish to agree with you before you would want to accept this trainee placement are:


• You have your public and employer’s liability  with respect for your new apprentice member of staff.
• Have adequate Health and Safety Policy procedures;
• Have good supportive  supervision/line mangement for the apprentice
• Give an  effective health and safety induction  on recruitment, along with the organisation’s policies and procedures which are applicable to the apprentice
• Give  effective information, instruction and training;
• Provide any special or protective clothing required by the trainee whilst performing the work.
• Provide any necessary personal protective equipment/clothing and ensure its proper use;
• Provide safe and healthy:
     ◦ Working environment
◦ Welfare facilities

     ◦ Equipment

     ◦ Safe systems of work

     ◦ Emergency arrangements

If you are a small business, we would be willing to work with you in the above areas and would ensure that all is well through our risk assessment that we must make as a contractualobligation on our part to the H+S and appropriateness of the placement for the young person

• We would hope that the visits we must make to assess the work of the apprentice and help them gain their evidence we be benificial not only to the apprentice, but alos to yourselves as we would be willing to support initiatives that you may think would help the apprentice be “better at the job”

• We would expect that the apprentice/trainee  will not be allowed to work outside the hours stipulated on the agreed job description.

1. The apprentice/trainee will be required by the Bosco Centre to sign an agreement stating:
2. That he/she will not disclose any information confidential to the employer without the employer’s approval and
3. That he/she will obey all safety, security and other instructions given by the employer.
4. The employer will observe the relevant legislation laid down under the:
      1. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
      2. Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992
      3. Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1999 (COSHH)
      4. Reporting of Injuries, Diseases, and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations  1995 (RIDDOR)
      5. Fire precaution (Workplace) Regulation 1997
      6. 1975 Sex Discrimination and the 1976 Race Relations Act.
5. In case of absence, accident or sickness we would expect you , the employer to  contact Bosco Centre, ( our telephone will be on all paperwork).
6. We would expect the trainee/apprentice to be  allowed to use whatever first aid facilities the employer provides.